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Bourjois healthy Mix….

I wanted to do a little blog post about these three game changers!

I popped into Boots  for some bits and noticed Bourjois  had a 3 for 2 offer on.

I am not a lover of foundation. I’m not keen on the way it feels or sits on my skin and I never seem to get the shade quite right.

I’m fair skinned and I have freckles so foundation normally makes my skin look weird. I usually favour tinted moisturiser or a beauty balm. I also hate looking too matte, I think matte makeup makes my skin look so dry, adding years onto it and I hate the way it feels to wear.

I had a look at the Bourjois products and came across these three gems!

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation  £10.99 from Boots.



OMG I LOVE this product!!

This foundation, literally glides onto my skin. It magically erases any blemishes and imperfections and hides all evidence of lack of sleep. I wear the colour Vanilla and it’s like the colour was mixed just for me! The product blends perfectly leaving no chalky finish on my skin.

This feels like  it forms a balmy protective layer and it stays put till I take my makeup off at night.


This foundation will give your skin a boost of radiance with a
vitamin-rich fruit therapy formula. It promises an even complexion and an instant anti-fatigue result! It certainly makes me look more fresh faced and I’m converted!

This foundations is made as a gel formula and this helps it blend and glide onto my skin leaving an even, natural finish with no mask effect.

Bourjois promises that this foundation will boost your skins radiance for up to 16 hours. Well, I can assure you, the promise was kept because my skin stays flawless from morning to night! This product doesn’t budge or smudge, until I remove it at the end of the day!

This foundation smells so nice too, I love products that smell nice, especially when they are for your face. The smell is fruity and that’s probably because it’s made with a vitamin-rich fruit therapy formula consisting of litchi, goji berries and pomegranates. So you can look good, smell good and feed your skin, all at the same time!❤️

The next little wonder product is Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer £8.99 from Boots.


This little wonder stick is just as fabulous as the foundation!

This concealer has a really nice consistency, it’s very creamy and seriously hides those Spoonie girl/Mummy eye bags! I could sleep for 10 hours some days and still look like I had two, this is amazing for giving you a flawless finish and hiding those dreaded dark circles under your eyes!

This concealer contains vitmains C, E and B5 to boost your skins radiance whilst erasing imperfections and signs of fatigue. It works, it seriously works guys! It’s fantastic for £8.99 and you get a lot of product for your money because a little goes a long way! If you compare it to some of the more expensive under eye concealers out there, this is half the price and trust me, it works just as hard, if not harder!

Apply in dots around the orbit of your eye (bony socket) and apply in an upside down triangle under eye to reflect the light. Then gently blend in with your fingertips to give you a fresh face and flawless finish.

This is wonderful for dotting round eyebrows and then blending with a brush.  Not only will this highlight your brow area, it will hide those pesky stray hairs in between your shape ups too!


Picture from – Pinterest

To get the perfect finishing touch, I swear by Bourjois Healthy Balance Compact £8.99 from Boots.




One quick sweep of this on my T-Zone and I’m shine free all day! This powder is so light in texture and doesn’t leave a cakey coating over the top of my foundation, I really don’t feel like I’m wearing a powder. My skin feels like it can still breathe and this literally gives me the perfect finish to my make-up.

This powder will even out and boost the radiance of your complexion all whilst taking care of your skin and making you look fabulously flawless.

Made with an Asian fruit therapy formula that will help to restore balance to the skin. The Sharon fruit smoothes and moisturises dry areas and the Yuzu fruit absorbs excess shine. So although this is fantastic for combating shine, it won’t leave you looking flakey and dry towards the end of the day.

The compact contains a large mirror and trust me, it shows everything…it’s great for using to tidy up your eyebrows. Although, I must admit, I don’t aiways use the mirror…it’s so clear and it takes no prisoners! Looking into it usually makes me want to hide my head in a paper bag for the rest of the day, it literally shows up every single imperfection, including the ones you may have not realised were there!!🙈

The powder is available in 4 natural shades for all skin tones. I use Vanilla to match my foundation and this shade is perfect for my fair skin tone.

The powder is;

* Hypoallergenic formula
* Non comedogenic
* Dermatologically tested

So it’s a great product that won’t clog or irritate your skin.


I seriously love these three products and am now a Bourjois convert! I love their Bourjois 3D Effet Lip Gloss in Brun Poetic too. The lipglosses smell divine and feels so lovely on my lips. They aren’t sticky and have just the right amount of sparkle and shine. This shade is a really gentle wash of nude shine, perfect for everyday glam.



Its 5 stars from me for all four of these products!




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