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These boots were made for walking….



Picture from – Pinterest


Splish splash splosh, here come the September showers…

Normally the sign of a rainy morning fills me with dread. The thought of doing the school run in the rain usually makes me want to climb back under my duvet and hibernate.

Walking with crutches in the rain can be hard at the best of times, your hand slips non stop off the handle once it’s wet and the bottom of the crutches slip on wet surfaces making trying to get about unsafe in bad weather. I also find if I get cold and wet, my pain levels rise. I hate it when my feet get cold and especially hate it if my shoes and socks get wet, that sort of dilemma can ruin a day!!

Today however I looked at the rain and smiled! What a perfect day to test run my new Joules Wellibobs  in the Posy print. I’ve wanted some of these for ages!! I love anything from the Joules range and these have been on the wish list for some time! I received some vouchers for my birthday, so I decided it was the perfect time to treat myself to some of these beauties!


I brought mine from Frosts Garden Centre for £36.95 but you can get them from so many places , Amazon has loads of different styles and there are some really nice metallic ones at Surfdome  in the sale.

I am in love with my Posy pair. They are so comfy and have a really good grip on the sole. Not only will these be perfect for wet and windy, icy and snowy school runs, they will also be perfect for watching my little girl play football on Saturdays and Son play rugby on Sundays in, there is nothing worse than wet soggy grass!

These boots have a super cosy removable faux fur insole inside, this makes them warm and comfortable to wear whatever the weather. The insoles are removable so if they make your feet hot, you can simply take them out.

I love the Wellibob short ankle style, they look great with a pair of skinny jeans or leggings. They are so easy to pull on and off and the different prints, patterns and colours that they come in are fantastic!

Wellibobs are waterproof so splash away in muddy puddles setting your inner child free. Each boot is handcrafted meaning the overall finish is far nicer than the average welly boot.


Picture from – Pinterest

The boots are made from a hardwearing natural rubber and they come with a one year guarantee.

Each pair comes in a beautiful shoe box covered in a Joules pattern and wrapped in paper, making them a perfect gift for someone you love.


Joules sell a special welly buffing spray, so if the weather starts to take its toll, you can buff them back up to a good as new condition.

As the winter is coming, I decided to get some Joules Welly Socks  too. Oh my oh my, I don’t want to take them off!!!

These socks are well worth the £12.95 price tag! So cosy and warm and super, super soft!! I brought a navy pair to match my boots but you can get a variety of different styles. One of my tags on my socks is upside down, I’m not sure if this was on purpose or if it’s a “Joules thing” but I’m not too bothered and quite like the quirkiness of the idea.

The socks are machine washable and are made from fleece designed to keep your feet warm whatever the weather. I can’t wait for a super cold day so I can test run them outside. I’m actually sat in mine as I type, they are so snuggly!

My feet are feeling very loved and they will be happily splish, splash, sploshing their way through the autumn and winter.


Picture from – Pinterest

Here are just some of the different Wellibob and welly socks styles out there. These images are from the Joules website, Amazon and Surfdome.


Five stars from me!



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