Garnier Moisture Bomb

GARNIER Moisture Bomb Super Recharging Gel-Cream – £5.29 from Superdrug!

My skin has felt so thirsty lately. It’s not really recovered from my most recent hospital stay. The air in hospitals really dries out my skin, combined with medications and not being able to do your skincare routine properly (mainly due to being half cut on pain killers….I’ve nodded off mid cleanse, many a time!!)

I picked up some Garnier Moisture Bomb Gel-Cream recently and thought it sounded like something my poor skin may need!

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by this product. I’ve actually used it day and night rather than just the recommended night application and I’m really pleased with the way my skins condition has improved!

This is a gel-cream so doesn’t have the oily, greasy feel that other creams have. However it is cold and wet, it feels like you are giving your skin a drink but it does stay wet for a few minutes after application which means if you are applying makeup after, you’ll have to wait. The product is designed to be a night cream so the wet feel wouldn’t be a problem. Im happy to wait in the morning as I wanted fast action and using at both times of day, I’ve certainly got my results!


The picture of me is make up  free and unfiltered, my skins not doing too bad, considering I’m almost 39!

People often mistake the lines on their face for signs of age. This happens a lot on the neck and chest area as people often forget to moisturise these areas! These lines however can actually be a sign of dehydration and once you give your skin the drink it needs, you’ll be surprised at how youthful and plumped up your skin looks!

A trick to test if your skin is dehydrated is to push up your cheek with your finger at a horizontal angle (see picture.) If you see lots of horizontal lines appear, your skin is dehydrated, if it’s as smooth as a peach, you are probably ok.

Moisture Bomb Gel-Cream is more than just a moisturiser! It replenishes and refreshes up to 10 layers of skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines.

The gel cream contains a fantastic hydrating formula consisting of two antioxidant superfruit extracts, Amla and Pomegranate. The pot is also made up of 15% Plant Serum.

This lightweight gel-cream is packed with hydrating ingredients and feels weightless on the skin. It is non-greasy, non-sticky and super absorbent hydrating the skin deeply and instantly.

A superficial layers of the epidermis, instrumental test tested 25 women. The results were;

•Proven efficacy

•Absorbs instantly

•Provides hydration for continuous 72 hours

•Leaves the skin feeling smooth and fresher looking with just one use. (72% of women agree)

•Visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles (70% of women agree)

•Visibly improves skin texture and quality (86% of women agree) making it appear fresher and younger (70% of women agree)

I love this product and I’ll definitely be buying it again! This is a must have product for all my Spoonie Sisters out there, pop this in your hospital bag, your skin will love you for it and you will love your skin!

5 stars from me!




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