Beautiful eyes

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Here’s some beautiful eyeshadow inspiration for you and some tips on how to create each look. The looks are not as complicated as you may think, it’s all in the blending and the way you hold your brush.

Now, you may think by holding your brush towards the brush/applicator end it will give you more precision. Application using this technique is fine for creating liner but if you use it for lids or socket line, it can lead to harsh lines and poor blending.

The best way for effortless application, is to hold your makeup brush towards the opposite end of the brush/applicator end. This will lighten the application making the strokes more effortless and naturally flawless.

Source – YouTube

Before you can apply your eyeshadow or any makeup correctly, you need to have a set of the correct brushes and know what each one is for.

Source – Pinterest

Next it’s time to pick your palette, and there are so many beautiful colours out there to try. If you are an Instagram follower like myself, you will have seen so many beautiful makeup demos and pictures using the most amazing looking eyeshadow palettes.

Some of the most popular seem to be;

Huda’s Rose Gold Edition – £56

Source –

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette – £41

Source – Pinterest

Any of the Urban Decay Naked Palettes  – From £24

The Morphe eye palettes  – £23.50

Source – Pinterest

BH Cosmetics palettes – from $10

Just look at all those amazing colours!!💕💕💕💕 Think of all the looks you could create with this lot?!

If you need some inspiration, Instagram is fantastic for giving you ideas on different makeup looks. Just type into the search things like, #mua #makeupartist #makeupjunkie #makeuplover and you will be amazed and inspired at what you find.

Source – Pinterest

💫💫Tip – Apply your eye makeup before your concealer, foundation and powders. You can wipe away any shadow spill and clean up any edges this way, giving you a flawless finish.💫💫

The diagram above shows you how to create a basic smokey eye.

1. Blend a neutral almost flesh tone all over lids and up to brow bone. Then apply a highlighter shade to the brow bone to attract the light and give the illusion of a lifted brow area.

2. Apply the highlighter to the inner corners of the eye, this gives the illusion of big bright eyes. You will instantly look like you’ve had 10 hours sleep!

3.  Blend a medium to dark shade into the crease of your eye socket. Blend, blend and blend some more to avoid harsh lines.

Source –

4. Apply a medium to light shade over lid and blend, blend, blend for a seamless application.

5. Apply your dark shade in a sideways V shape at the outer corner of your eyes. This will add drama, depth and a smokey edge to the eye.

Always finish off with a slick of eyeliner, lashings of your favourite mascara or a pair of falsies for extra wow factor.

Some eyeshadow inspiration…..

Source –

What a beautiful look, especially for Summer! You could recreate this look using BH Cosmetics – First Edition – 120 Color Eyeshadow Palette with some sparkle over the top. For the sparkle, you could try Red Carpet FX’s Stargazer Glitter Fix Gel

Source –
Source –
Source –

This stunning royal blue look could be created using Morphes Dark Smokey Palette

Source –
Source – Pinterest

This beautiful smokey look could be created with BH Cosmetics- Modern Neutrals – 28 Color Matte Eyeshadow Palette

Source –

This beautiful purple, smokey look could be created with BH Cosmetics Modern Mattes – 28 Color Eyeshadow Palette with some Stargazer GlitterFix Gel over the purple colour for a little added sparkle.

Source –
Source –
Source –

This beautiful smokey plum look could be created with Huda’s Rose Gold Edition Eye Palette.

Source –
Source – Pinterest

This slightly lighter but equally stunning look could be created using BH Cosmetics Baked and Beautiful Palette

Source –

This beautiful look reminds me of a sunset. You could create this look using Anastasia’s Renaissance Palette and a slick  of some Stargazer GlitterFix Gel

Source – Pinterest
Source –

The best way to discover the look for you, is to try out lots of colours and combinations. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try colours out that you have never tried before. There are no rules, just have fun and go for it.

If you get stuck, there are plenty of pictures out there like the one below showing the most flattering colours to wear for each different eye colour.

Source –

Happy creating glittery spoons, 💫💫💫💫




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