Embrace the “Write Off Days”



I’m not sleeping very well at the minute and I’m going through a pain flare. It has gone really cold again and I find going outside so painful. Today I got up with kids and got them ready, fed and sorted for school and then I flopped back into bed. I pretty much stayed there all day.

Today was a ‘write off day’ and I’ve had quite a few over the last few weeks!

Write off days aren’t a negative thing for you to feel frustrated about they are actually very positive and I’ll try to explain how…

1. Listen to your body, it will tell you how it feels. If you are having a write off day, you need it! So give in and rest and try to see it as a healing process. A process essential for a better day tomorrow.

2. When it’s cold outside, there’s nothing better than being snuggled up in bed! Enjoy that toasty feeling, allow yourself to feel the comfort and joy that it brings.

3. If like me, you work from home, write off days can be so productive! You’ve given in and gone into your bedroom. You can’t see any of the household chores and there is less distraction. I got so much done today, some work, some study and I’ve managed to revamp this blog a bit and add some links…all from my toasty warm bed!

4. If you have finished your work for the day, get on a box set! There are so many good TV box sets  everywhere and if you are having a write off day, you can binge on as many you can cram into your day.

5. If you have children, use your write off day to have a long bath…in peace!!

6. If you are resting, paint your nails. If you are going to be sat there anyway you may aswell be pampering. Why not pop on a mask, tint your eyebrows? Do any of the other little beauty maintanence jobs we never get time to do!

7. Get into a good book, transport yourself to lands afar and really  submerge yourself into each page. It’s so nice to read in complete peace and quiet.

8. Watch a movie, any movie you like without having to consider anybody else’s choice. Why not grab some popcorn and shut the curtains, you can have a movie and duvet day all to yourself!

9. Write a storey, a poem, draw, paint, colour in one of those adult colouring books or  do some scrapbooking. Making and creating is so relaxing, art is the best therapy.

10. Treat yourself to something nice for lunch. A little naughty food is good for the soul and builds your strength up. If you are craving some chocolate, have it! There’s nobody else around and you don’t need to share it!

11. A spot of retail therapy, always brightens a day. Almost all shops have an online store. You can rest and retail at the same time, perfect combination!

12. Call your friend/family. Whilst your chilling and the house is peaceful, make that call. Gossip and girly chat uplifts the dullest of days!

This is your ‘write off day’ and the possibilities are endless. You’d be surprised what you can do from the comfort of your own bed!

Happy chilling Spoonie Sisters,

Rest is the key to happiness and better tomorrows!




2 thoughts on “Embrace the “Write Off Days”

  1. When I was well, I used to hate days when I couldn’t go out. Or the car was in for a service. actually my bestie and I were just talking about this. Now i relish the days I can stay home, write, catch up on my tv shows. have a nap, sit on the deck..as i am doing now and just do nothing. Its learning to rest, and take care of you xx

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