Spirit of the spoonie

#spoonie #spoonielife #freedom

I’ve posted about this video before on my Facebook page. I wanted to include it on my blog.

This music video combined with the lyrics really resonates with my soul. Emotions are stirred everytime and I can’t watch the video without tears in my eyes.

If like me, your spirit feels trapped in a body that doesn’t move as freely or easily as the entity within you, this video and the words will also touch your heart.

I always sit and wish and want the restrictions of my body to disappear and just let me be free to fly high as free as a bird. It’s all I think about sometimes and I refuse to give up or even imagine life if I never get back to myself at full capacity again.

Being stuck at home due to illness both physical and mental or life changing injury feels like prison, an entrapment that you can’t escape from.

You are a butterfly that flew in one Summers day only for the windows to close trapping the beautiful creature that you are away from the world.

We are holding on for our lives and when we break free we will live like tomorrow doesn’t exist because we know today is all that’s important.

You want to shout from your rooftop that you are still here, still alive, still relevant with so much still to give. You want the world to wait for you, wait for your big return.

The world moves so fast and people move on whilst you are stuck in limbo, stuck waiting for the window to open and set you free.

Watch the video and feel the power of the choreography and words, feel the spirit of the spoonie….




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