Reviewing and Reminiscing – Jessica Nails


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Let’s  talk about nails!

During my years in the beauty industry, manicures, pedicures and gel nails have always been some of my favourite treatments by far.  I am also a MASSIVE fan of getting my own nails done and I’m currently working my way through the colour selection of the nail bar I visit.

My much loved salon, nail bar and Jessica varnishes…the draws were full and so was a shelf behind me!💕

I love seeing row upon row of beautiful colours, a rainbow selection for every nail. Swirls of gold, bright bubblegum pinks, Summer corals, blues, greens, glitters and metallics, every single colour you could possibly imagine.

Source –

I love the smell of nailbars, the heady mixture of acrylics, gels, varnish and handcreams trigger so many happy memories for me. I’ve spent so much of my life working in this type of environment and the smell always makes me feel nostalgic, reminiscing about happy salon days gone by.


I used to use the   Jessica Nail Varnish  range in my salon (see featured picture above).

This beautiful range of varnishes, nail treatments, pedicure products, hand creams, body creams and accessories are my ALL time favourites.The varnishes are an absolute dream to paint with, leaving a perfect glass like finish on the nail. They are luxuriously rich and it doesn’t matter which colour you use, the finish is always perfection!

Jessica colour- Ocean Bloom – Source-
Jessica colour – Starfish Glow  – Source-

“Jessica Nails was started in the 1970s by Jessica Vartoughian, who, after opening nail salons in America which attracted celebrities and referrals, developed her range of Jessica nail products, which has now grown to be a worldwide nailcare brand.” – source –


Jessica Vartoughian                                                                           Source –

Not only are these varnishes famously fabulous, they are also extremely good for your nails!! Perfect for all those ‘Spoonie Beauties’ out there who’s nails are rubbish due to medication! The varnishes are free from lots of nasties, Toluene, Formeldehyde, Formeldehyde Resin, Ethyl Toslamide, Camphor, DBP and Xylene, making them the perfect choice if you like to live #toxinfree

Source –

Jessicas philosophy is that in order to get gorgeous colour, the nail base must be well looked after first. Just like the hair and skin, nails have their own biology therefore requiring a studied approach just like a facialist would examine and care for the skin.

Nail types can be Dry, Brittle, Damaged, or Normal, and they can peel or break. For every nail type and problem Jessica ensures that each Jessica manicurist is fully trained to a high standard and that they understand the structure of their clients nails. This enables a tailor made treatment for  every nail type and every problem.

I remember my training fondly and remember being so impressed at how in-depth the training was. I had to pass assessments to gain certification before I could carry out the treatments in my salon.

Each treatment basecoat is designed just like a skincare cream is designed for the face. With the help of nurturing botanicals, antioxidant vitamins, and proteins, each product works to improve nails right from the base.

Source –

The Zen Spa Pedicure products are just as amazing with foot scrubs, foot masques and I used to use these with heated boot treatments ( I also had heated mitt treatments for the hands!)

The hand and body creams smell AMAZING and are extremely nourishing for the skin.

Source –
Source –

There are links on this blog to show you where to order the products from but I really and truly recommend popping along to your nearest Jessica salon and treating yourself to a luxury manicure or Zen Spa pedicure, you won’t be disappointed!





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