To pick or not to pick, that is the question…


I treated myself to this little kit from Amazon after seeing a demo online. 👌🏻

They are all different tools for extracting and zapping spots. 💥I’ve got pretty clear skin but I do have open pores on my forehead and chin and thought these would help.

They are fab, the only place it hurt was on my nose but other than that, fine. 💗Using these tools avoids damaging your skin by squeezing with your nails. This can break the skin, damage the delicate capillaries and can transfer bacteria from under your nails to the spot or blocked pore, eventually making it much worse! 🙈

You should never squeeze a red raised spot with force, if you imagine a tube of toothpaste ( sorry this is a bit groce) when your spot bursts on the surface, it can also burst below the surface, squeezing all the debris into the skin. Not only will you make the spot more angry, you will break out again close by! 😢

These tools require minimum pressure and you can sterilise between uses. My skin was pinkish after use but it calmed within minutes!💁🏼

There are plenty of demonstrations on YouTube showing you how to use these tools. I thought about adding a video to this post but some of them are so groce and although some find it satisfying to watch giant pimples erupting, others find it revolting! So I’ve left it up to you to only look if you have the stomach for it! 😷

Personally, one of the best parts of my previous career as a facial specialist was extracting humongous black heads. It’s so satisfying and rewarding to see your clients skin after they have gone.  The skin looks cleaner, smoother and far more refined.👌🏻



#spoonfulsofglitter #beautytools #skincare


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