The power of nature…

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Jojoba Oil is an amazing beauty product and we often forget the power of essential oils when it comes to our skin care routine.

👍🏻 You can use this oil for hair & nails.

👍🏻Jojoba oil is naturally rich in vitamins and minerals so think of it as a health food for the skin!

👍🏻All round protection that benefits your body from your hair to your toes!

👍🏻 Jojoba oil promotes healthy more radiant looking skin, leaving you moisturised and glowing! It can literally be used everywhere so this reduces the amount of products in your beauty routine and saves time in the morning!

👍🏻Natural skin healing properties in Jojoba help to guard against skin irritation, inflammation, acne, dryness and chapped skin. So ideal for sore sensitised skin and fantastic for men suffering from shaving rash! Also fantastic for #spoonie skin, we are delicate at times when it comes to skin irritation and this is perfect for calming the skin and reducing redness!

👍🏻 The oil is fast absorbing and non-greasy so it is easy to apply and suitable for all skin types. Lots of people hate the thought of wearing an oil on the skin, especially during the day. Jojoba absorbs very quickly so you’d be able to apply your makeup after it has soaked in and you won’t look like an oil slick!!

👍🏻Jojoba contains Antioxidant and Vitamin E protection that can repair damaged skin cells and make skin firmer and more elasticated. Fantastic for plumping up flat, tired looking skin.


👍🏻Jojoba promotes the skins natural production of collagen helping to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and even scarring. Fantastic for scarring after an operation or on stretch marks after pregnancy and weight gain.

👍🏻If you use Jojoba as an oil treatment for hair you’ll achieve silky smooth hair with a natural looking shine. The excellent moisturizing qualities of Jojoba Oil provide ultimate hair conditioning that leaves hair feeling rejuvenated and full of life.

👍🏻Natural antibacterial protection for the scalp that keeps hair looking healthy and clean. Jojoba is fantastic for anyone that suffers with a dry itchy scalp, it will moisturise and soothe, leaving you much more comfortable and less likely to scratch away, making the problem worse.

👍🏻Guards against split ends, thinning hair and promotes natural hair growth. Fantastic for #spoonies if you are suffering hair loss due to medication or thinning eyebrows and eyelash loss. Jojoba promotes hair growth in all the right places!

👍🏻Jojoba is great for chapped lips and brittle nails. So an absolute must for the Winter months and again fantastic if you are suffering dry skin and brittle nails as a result of medication.

This is my favourite beauty oil and I couldn’t do without it!

Score – 10/10

I LOVE it!!




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