Taking it back to the old school…



Has anyone used these old school deep cleansing strip  beauties recently? I forgot how good these actually are!! They clean your pores and minimise the look of clogged open pores, leaving your skin cleaner and more refined.

At just under £8 they are a  bargain from Boots and this pack contains a combination of nose and face strips, result!!

👍🏻 Apply to a wet face and then apply to your problem area, really easy and simple to use.

👍🏻You can feel these tingling away (nice tingle) as they slowly tighten onto the skin.

👍🏻 They feel tight but it’s not uncomfortable. You can feel them gripping onto all the impurities and you know they are working.

👍🏻Slightly uncomfortable to pull off but hey no pain no gain when it comes to beauty at times, the discomfort is worth it!

👍🏻 WOWZERS these are good….inspect the strip once you’ve pulled it off…😳 You’ll be amazed at what comes out of your skin!!

score – 10/10

Read more at 👇🏻👇🏻


I LOVE them!!

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