Deep clean…



I recently purchased these Biore self heating masks at under £10 from Boots, bargain!!

You get four masks in the box so enough to do a months deep cleanse treatment. They contain charcoal which helps to soak up excess oil and draw out impurities and they are self heating which opens pores and draws out any dirt, oil and impurities to the surface, you then wash this all away when you remove the mask.

Verdict –

👍🏻 The mask smells really nice, sort of a herby musky sort of smell.

👍🏻 Apply to a wet face and this activates the self heating ingredients. It felt hotter than I thought it would (in a good way), really warming and soothing.

👍🏻 Really easy to apply and it’s grey so you can see any bits you have missed.

👍🏻 Once it cools down, it feels really cooling and refreshing. There is a slight tingle but it’s mild and feels fine, you can feel the mask working.

👍🏻 it doesn’t set so there is no tight restricted feeling.

👍🏻 Really easy to wash off.

👍🏻 Skin felt really refreshed, clean and revitalised after.

Score – 10/10

Very happy with this mask and I will definitely purchase again! Who can argue with such a great price for such an effective treatment!


I LOVE it!

Jen xxx
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