Chrome Nails💅🏼


So if you follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter you will know I’ve been pretty hooked to getting my nails chromed (see pics.)

I really love this technique and love the finish the process leaves on the nail. It’s slightly more expensive than getting a normal colour applied and I’d say it works best over acrylic or gel powder extensions because you want as smooth a base as possible, the shine will show up any floors!

If your natural nail is in good shape then you could have this applied over a gel polish and the results will be just as amazing!!

I love watching the process happen and the magic truly begins once that little pot of glitter is opened. As you know, it’s all about the power of glitter over here at ‘Spoonfuls of Glitter’ so for me, chrome nails were a must!✨✨✨

If you are feeling run down, tired and in need of a pick me up, a little trip to your local nail bar can really boost your mood. I feel complete when my nails look nice, ready to take on whatever the day throws at me.

Over the Christmas period, I went for a deep green colour and it attracted so much attention. The colour was out of this world, when the light caught them one way they’d go the most beautiful shade of purple and when the light hit another way, a deep shade of navy!

I think I will find it hard to go back to flat colour now, these chrome finishes are absolutely stunning and there are so many shades to choose from.

Happy Painting,



watch this video demonstration by Luxapolish to see how it’s done…


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