What is a Spoonie?

If after reading through my blogs, you are wondering…”What is this woman going on about, what is a Spoonie?”πŸ€”

I will try to explain….

The spoon theory was written by Christine Miserandino and you can visit her link here.πŸ‘‡πŸ»πŸ‘‡πŸ»πŸ‘‡πŸ»


Christine was asked by a close friend what it’s like to suffer with Chronic Illness and she thought of an excellent way to explain, calling this ‘The Spoon Theory.’

Christine explained that in order for her friend to understand what it truly feels like she needed to show her by giving her something and then taking something away.

Christine handed her friend 12 spoons and asked her to imagine these spoons as her energy reserves for the day and each time her friend accomplished an activity, a spoon would be taken away.

Christine also explained that those 12 spoons were all she could have for one day. If she had something big to do the next day, spoons couldn’t be saved over. Her friend would have to cope with 12 spoons just like any other day.

Once Christine’s friend realised she would loose a spoon for having a shower, another for getting dressed, another for putting a clothes wash on, she realised just how precious each spoon was. A simple morning routine had already lost her 3 spoons and the thought of only having 9 spoons left to get through the day was a daunting prospect. She could at last understand why Christine had to reserve energy and why she couldn’t always join in with every outing and activity. The friend could see why Christine needed to pace each day.

The word ‘Spoonie’ was born from Christine’s theory and it’s helped many people finally have a way of explaining how they feel and how they now need to live, to friends and family!



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